Gatherer's COVID-19/Coronavirus Response

Attention all online customers:

The COVID-19/Coronavirus pandemic has impacted us all, especially over the last 72 hours.  Here at Gatherer’s, we are closely monitoring the guidance updates and new mandates coming from state and federal regulatory agencies, and diligently installing new recommended procedures above and beyond our existing Food Safety and Personnel policies.

Complying with that guidance means limiting the number of staff in the facility at any given time, as well as the number of staff members that are allowed in the production and storage areas. The result of these prevention efforts is a limited ability to fulfill online orders for as long as these restrictions are in place.

Gatherer's will continue to receive and fulfill online orders to the best of our ability, but will only ship orders received by Thursday at 12pm EST on Friday Mornings until further notice to limit our staff's need to be on site.

If you have any questions or concerns during this time, please visit the NYS Department of Health's website at, or email us at

And remember to wash your hands!

-The Gatherer's Team

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